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Security Images

System Features


  • Our Access Control System (VP-II Series) have  been effectively proven their distinguished performance through  thousands of users in all over the world
  • UVSS is an Advanced undercarriage inspection systems for explosives, weapons & contraband
  • Face Recognition System is automatically identify or verify a person from camera image or video frame.
  • Fence security system is based on Fiber Optic Mesh Sensor and Optical Rader technology. It shall not allow hidden intrusion attempts such as cutting, crawling, Jumping and shall pinpoint an intrusion spot on a display map.


Target Customers

  • Police.
  • military bases.
  • Oil & Gas plants.
  • Border checkpoints.
  • Palaces, embassies.
  • Banks and hotels.

Hand Vascular Pattern Recognition System
Our system obtains the vascular pattern image as the highest quality applying HVPE (Hand Vascular Pattern Emphasizing) algorithm  for compensating the weak vascular vessel images and enhancing the pattern recognition performance.




Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS)

Advanced undercarriage inspection systems for explosives, weapons & contraband
Our UV Color system produces a clear and complete color undercarriage image to conduct vehicle inspection within seconds.
A unique feature of UV Color is that security personnel have better monitoring control as the color image on the LCD screen can be zoom in or out to any suspicious area for a thorough inspection.
these captured images are stored in the computerized station and be re-used as a reference when the same vehicle enters the premises again.


CCTV Surveillance

  • Network ( IP ) Camera
  • HD Camera
  • HD Live Displayer
  • IR Camera
  • System Controller
  • Video Recording Server
  • DVR
  • DVR Viewer
  • Video Conference

Fence Surveillance

Virtually 100% accurate detection of intrusion with no false alarm
Catch intruder view without missing at alarming
Expensive Fences to be replaced by cheap concertinas
Expensive Security Lightings to be replaced by Camera Lamps
To avoid expensive Thermal Cameras
Staining-free FOM fence instead of FOM to heavy steel fences
Grooved Rods instead of concrete foundation
Minimum field equipment
VMD ineffective at night/sand storm/low contrast/slow motion and false alarms due to animals, vehicles/passengers other than intruder etc.

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