SG Security switch
SG security switch series -The world's 1st security switch

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Secured Networking

SG Security switch realizes safe network environment by checking various network attacks in access level based on a behavior blocking.

Prevention trouble in advance by blocking harmful traffic of DDoS in access level

  • Real time, automatic detection/blocking the harmful traffic such as DoS/DDoS attack and worm/virus, etc
  • Prevents internal spread of harmful traffic and lowering/down of network speed
Seamless business environment, Increase customer satisfaction

Protection of confidential information and banking information of individual /
company / public institution from ARP Spoofing attack

  • Protect from the risk of internal confidential information leakage, privacy infringement and financial loss through IP phone wire tapping, financial information hacking, ID/password hacking, etc.

Secure network in thin client / smart phone environment

  • Prevent network trouble by blocking harmful traffic by virus for companies that introduce thin client.

Full wire speed with security function

  • MDS(Multi Dimension Security) engine performs security function by analyzing traffic transmitted through switching fabric regardless of network speed.
  • Ensure maximum line performance by reducing additional loss of resources required for harmful traffic filtering

Smart Protection that blocks harmful traffic only

  • Selective blocking of the harmful packets or service ports which are infected by worm or virus => Ensure major business continuity such as web service, mail service, groupware, etc

Integrated security management system(VNM) that can view the status
of a network on the same screen

  • Able to monitor/manage network condition and status in real time even when workplaces are distributed
  • detail detected/blocked log and their history using diagram which enables easy understanding the status and taking counter action.

Korea`s largest reference and verified security by authenticated institution
(CC certification, security suitability verification)

  • The Largest portion of the security switch reference in Korea
  • CC certificate EAL-2 and security compliance certificate from IT Certificate Office
    of National Intelligence Service (NIS)

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