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Fiber optic Cables

In today's fast-changing, knowledge-centric society, the vast amount of information is running across the transmission media at extremely high speeds just as a race car does along the track. We provide optimum guidance and protection of optical signals to ensure outstanding transmission quality even in the most demanding environments.

Fiber Optic Cables

•  Loose Tube Cable
•  Loose Tube Ribbon Cable
•  MiniLite TM Cable
•  Air Blown Micro Cable
•  Optical Ground Wire
•  All-Dielectric Self-Supporting Cable
•  Simplex Cable
•  Duplex Cable
•  Distribution Cable
•  Interconnection Products

 FTTH Products

•  ABF Unit & ABF Duct
•  Fiber Distribution Frame
•  Fiber Distribution Hub
•  Fiber Optic Cleaver Tool Kit
•  Fiber Splicing Enclosure
•  Field Assembly Connector
•  Optical Patch Cord
•  Optical Return Loss Test Set
•  Optical Splitter
•  Optical Termination Box
•  PON & AON System


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